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(G)locality and (G)localizing Volunteering

December 3, 2010

Google it.

Yea it is a made up word. And yea the first couple google results are a bunch of wierd papers exclaiming that we now live in “glocalities.” But all that is really just hot air. The idea is really simple. Our ancestors did things small scale: cultures were small scale, projects were small scale, you get the picture. Then we (and our parents I suppose) did things big: airplanes, computers, the atom bomb, the internet, global health innitiatives, immunizations… well, actually there are a bunch of these. A LOT! And it was great, we were able to do things our ancestors could never dream of.

And yet, there is something missing. I mean I can write an email to the Red Cross and suggest a new social media campaign, but would that really help? Would they listen? Do they want my help? Even if they did, would email really work? What ever happened to a couple people sitting around talking up a storm and coming up with a seriously unbelievable idea.

Well, thats what college is, luckily. And that is what me and my roommates do everyday.

But more importantly, that is why we made ChangeMachine.

Non profits have been growing, but mostly in number not in size. They need ideas, they need brainstorming and collaboration on a scale never before seen. They need a way to get thousands of the brightest kids at one table, and just talk it out.

That’s why we made ChangeMachine.

And oh yea, that is what glocality is all about, bringing the BIG to the small, the best of both worlds

That’s why we made ChangeMachine!

I’ll leave you hanging on the details, but think live collaboration, microvolunteering and social networks all harnessed using the newest and most innovative technologies, all directed towards getting college students to help non profits. Interested yet?

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