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ChangeMachine – What We Do

December 5, 2010

Remember if you like our ideas, please contribute by funding us directly at IndieGOGO, voting for us in the Dell Social Innovation Contest or just following us on twitter @_ChangeMachine

ChangeMachine is a revolutionary way for college students to get involved with volunteering and non-profit work. There is a great need for educated, skilled, enthusiastic volunteers for the non-profit sector; however the more we progress into the Internet age, the more obvious it becomes that the “weekend volunteer” model for traditional volunteering does not fit with young people. This is where the idea of ‘microvolunteering’ comes from: tasks which are integral to the survival of nonprofits  but take little time and can be completed over the Internet. Colleges provide the density of intelligence and enthusiasm needed by nonprofits but there is no effective network for those who cannot spend an entire day, let alone a weekend or entire week, volunteering for their favorite organization. ChangeMachine changes all that by introducing interactive, collaborative microvolunteering to college students. Nonprofits have many tasks that require not only a specific skill set, but also a good deal of collaboration and brainstorming. No present organization can offer collaboration in microvolunteering; it is now a solitary activity. But in the age of social media, this model could never last; there is an obvious need for collaborative social microvolunteering for young people.

ChangeMachine uses a novel incentive structure, a ‘taskforce’ group model and innovative collaboration software to revolutionize the way online volunteering works and brings it to the population which has the most to offer: college students.

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