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ChangeMachine and Social Responsibility

December 6, 2010

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This is an interesting article written about new social sustainability guidlines for corporate structures.  It is ISO 26000 and I know what you are thinking, what good can a “guideline” do for global business which have so many other priorities that social sustainability and responsibility are probably very far down the list! Well remember the last article, about the importance of talking about issues! Although action is necessary, nothing can start without talking. However, talk doesn’t seem to go as far in the for-profit world as it goes in the non-profit world, so don’t hold your breath for any incredible socially responsible global conglomerates any time soon. But it is certainly a start. Quoting the article,

“It does attempt to harmonize UN Global Compact guidelines for ethical business practices and a number of existing practices, principles and guidelines devoted to social responsibility such as the Global Reporting Initiative.”

Although it isn’t directly oriented toward ChangeMachine (obviously nonprofits have been thinking about ChangeMachine for a while now) it got me thinking about ChangeMachine’s own ideas about social responsibility. Who do we really target, and how?

Here is what we have been talking about as we have been developing Change machine, comments are welcome!

ChangeMachine’s social responsibility refers to both its positive social impact and student empowerment. The ChangeMachine web application is a platform that can be used to make more positive impact. ChangeMachine creates relationships among volunteers and between volunteers and the nonprofit organizations. This hub for innovators allows bright, compassionate college students to create social change in countless fields. College students have a valuable skill set—they are in the business of thinking critically and creatively. Given the necessary tools, college students can have a real impact in their community. ChangeMachine provides those tools, allowing students to link up with nonprofits that interest them.

ChangeMachine is not grounded to one specific social problem, but instead provides a space to effect change on multiple issues.By allowing students to create positive change in their communities, countries, and around the world, ChangeMachine also serves to empower college students.  The experience of making positive social impact with the skills students already have is powerful — it increases confidence, strengthens morale, and encourages further action. ChangeMachine caters to students so that their college experience can be enhanced and so that they will be empowered to continue making social impact.

Video credit to PlanetISO, check out their channel for more info and interviews


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