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Groupon and Chicago Startups

December 7, 2010

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But for all the fairytale elements of Groupon’s journey, the Chicago tech community doesn’t see the company as a one-off success story that gets all the attention while other startups languish under the radar. Instead, local investors and entrepreneurs say Groupon’s visibility brings fresh attention to startup activity that already was humming, bolstering Chicago’s reputation as a place that nurtures new ideas from their earliest stages through maturity.

Apparently all the news surrounding Groupon has garnered Chicago quite a bit of respect! We here at ChangeMachine couldn’t be happier, we have received a couple calls already about being a Chicago startup which excites me to no end! We are about to finish finals week here at the University of Chicago, and in retrospect finals week was probably a bad time to launch our blog/social media campaign. But as Tom Szaky, founder of TerraCycle (a company he started at Princeton) said at TEDx in Princeton,

Just begin. There’s no advice. It’s not about having a good idea; you just start. People over think a little bit. People may think it to death and never begin.

You can see the whole article about TEDx Princeton here.

He is right, we have a good idea and we just need to dive right in. And apparently there is no better place than Chicago for a startup, so we are very excited!

On that note, stay tuned for many exciting announcements from ChangeMachine in the coming weeks. They will be numerous!

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