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Paradigm Shift of media interactions

December 20, 2010

One of our core ideas is collaboration.  Because we really believe it is the path of this century.

The current generation of young people grew up with the idea of online music swapping, eBay trading — things that involve virtual interactions in a way that previous generations could not have conceived.  We are giving out credit card numbers for an item that a complete stranger claims to be quality and will ship to us from hundreds or thousands of miles away.  My grandmother would definitely think that we are crazy.  Everything is based on a feedback loop that ensures trust.  Everything is about using online tools to match what some people need with what others can offer — all involving collaboration.

Rachel Botsman, co-author of the book What’s Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption, talks about this important transformation in a TED talk.

Sounds like ChangeMachine?

The landscape of media has been constantly transforming.  The invention of printing press, telegraph, telephone, radio, and television have all changed the speed and the manner of the spread of information.  Rapid transmission has become the hip style since these inventions.  However, the popularization of the Internet has been the real paradigm shift of media interactions.  The general population is no longer the passive consumers of television channels or newspaper firms — consumers have become producers and vice versa.  Each and every one of us can produce material and put it on the Internet for all to consume.  It is no longer about mass transmission of information, but also mass production.

Just look at Reddit: news before it happens — it delivers news before it happens precisely because it uses the mass power of the general population, who used to be mere consumers, to produce the news.  You might hear about the Comcast/NBC merger before everyone else if your cousin’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend’s sister works for NBC or if you overhear conversation regarding said merger while having breakfast at the hip local French restaurant called The Fork.   But what if you aren’t the one who has that cool cousin or who happened to sit at the seat next to that table?  No worries, if someone has that cousin or that seat and they put it online, then thousands of people find out right away.  Even on their mobile devices while riding the train.

The Internet has truly transformed the media landscape in a paradigm-shifting way.  To move with the times, incorporating collaboration is the key.

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