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An Update on Progress!

December 22, 2010

Sorry I have been away from the blog, I have had a much less relaxing winter break than I was hoping for. I just wanted to update everyone on all the great progress we are making here at ChangeMachine.

Our Micro-volunteering Platform (the tech stuff)

Well this was actually a silly one to start with, because if I gave away what we are doing behind the scenes with our platform the programming team (namely, Sean Clemmer) would kill me. I am under strict orders to keep that under wraps, but if you really are itching to know feel free to email me and I’ll drop some hints for you.

Just so everyone remembers, it will be directed solely towards college students to begin, as we believe that colleges provide the density of intelligence and enthusiasm needed to jump start a new form of volunteering.

Our Social Media Empire

Just kidding, it is more like our twitter and facebook page, but they take an unusual amount of care to tend to every day. I am happy to say that we are attracting quite a bit of attention. Our blog had over 1000 hits in its first week, our twitter followers have increased exponentially and… well… facebook isn’t all that great anyway whatever (check it out here).

More than meaningless statistics, I am very proud to announce we have gotten interviews from several companies running articles on NFP’s and start-ups, which is very exciting. Thanks again to midVentures for an interview, it was actually a great opportunity for me to explain our idea to someone who didn’t know anything about it. I think this is actually very productive, allows you to see the logic jumps and the big picture better.

“But ChangeMachine, I want to see a BETA!”

I have heard this numerous times. Don’t worry, it will be out soon (privately of course) and we will be distributing it only to devout followers and people who helped us out on the journey, so if you are interested in testing our website help us out by commenting on our blog, referring your friends, donating to our fund or voting for us in the Dell Social Innovation Contest

“Great, but Paul I need to speak with you about ChangeMachine right away!”

I’m not sure if anyone is actually saying that, but my email is in my profile on the right, email me if you have any questions!



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